The range of services that you will enjoy by choosing Priceless Phone Repairs include: repairs for overheating computers, repairs if your computer is running slow, computer freezes, virus or malware attacks, if the computer is running slow (RAM repairs), Hard Disk media repair, and data backup . The other services that we offer include the scanner and printer repairs. Our repairs are done on the principal of no-fix no pay basis and hence our customer pocket concerns are well catered for.

Computer Repair Services

At Priceless Phone Repairs, we offer different types of computer repairs. We handle the different brands of computers among them are Dell, HP, LG, Lenovo, IBM Samsung and all other brands.

Computer Hard Drive– We repair the hard drives as well as providing new hard drives to your computer.

RAM repairs– We provide repairs of the different RAM problems. We also provide services that involve the upgrading of your RAM to increase the processor speed.

Screen repairs-Our rich store of spare equipment is well catered to offer screen repair services. We can also replace your screen with a different brand to give you a clear view.

Casing repair– We can also replacer the casing of your computer if the existing one is damaged. This is through the expertise that is offered by our team of highly qualified personnel. The repairs may also be suited towards giving your computer a new look.

Motherboard repairs– The not functioning mother-board may lead to one opting for a new computer. The case can be corrected by bringing the case top our highly qualified team that will work towards repairing the problem.

Scanner repairs– If your scanner is not working, or if it is not be recognized by your computer, you are welcome at Priceless Phone Repairs. We will handle all the problems that are being exhibited by your scanner.

Printer repairs- We also repair the printers. We can replace your cartridge to assure you of clean printed copies of the various documents that you aim at producing.

Software Problems- We also offer software services. You may need to switch to a new operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux) or you may need an upgrade of your anti-virus, malware. The services are well catered by our team of highly qualified personnel in very cheap prices at Priceless Phone Repairs.