Priceless Phone Repairs, we give attention to detail as we try to come up with a long lasting solution to whatever problem is affecting your iPhone. The team of experts that we have at Priceless Phone Repairs will carry out the diagnostic of your iPhone. Once the problem is identified, you will be advised on the type of repair that can be carried on your iPhione. The repairs that can be carried out on your iPhone include: microphone repairs, touch screen digitizer and LCD repairs, back replacement, and camera repairs. The repairs are in-house and are performed by our team of highly qualified personnel.

At Priceless Phone Repairs, 6913-B Rosemead Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91775, we let you choose us and we do the rest. If you have a problem with your iPhone and you cannot identify the problem, choose diagnostic and be assured that we will handle the rest.

iPhone Microphone repairs: This repair is meant to replace the microphone if you cannot hear people when making your calls.

iPhone Touch Screen Glass Digitizer: We are well placed to replace your touch screen digitizer glass and also the LCD display.

iPhone Back Replacement Service: This service is well intended to replace the damaged back of your iPhone 3G. We can also replace the old cover of your iPhone with a new one to give it a new look feel

iPhone Camera Repair Services: We deliver to 95% of the reported faulty cases. We can replace the damaged Camera that is not taking the pictures correctly or in the case where it has stopped working. At Priceless Phone Repairs, Rosemead Blvd. San Gabriel, we pay great attention to detail in getting the Camera details correct.

iPhone 3GS firmware restoration services: The service is well suited for the repairs to those iPhones that are hanging on the apple logo and thus cannot give you the opportunity to access other user services. The services are also targeted towards iPhones that are displaying the ‘’connect to itunes logo’’. The services above are basically restoration. The process entails loading the iPhone with new firmware to get it working again.

iPhone Headphone Jack Repair: Are you not in a position to listen to your favorite music due to a faulty connection? This means the headphone jack is not working. The process will get it back and working again.

iPhone Moisture Repair: The cases of accident spill of water on your iPhone that lead to the failed functioning of your iPhone are some of the most common happenings. Do not get worried. The team of well skilled personnel that is available will be able to diagnose the problem and carry out the necessary repairs for your iPhone. Get a booking with us to enjoy the great deal of services that we offer at Priceless Phone Repairs, Rosemead Blvd. San Gabriel.